Timber Engineering Reference – Fasteners / Connectors

Manufacturers of structural connectors and fasteners for wood-based structures. Further general resources are:



  • Knapp Verbinder – Concealed hangers for beams, facade elements, walls. Amstetten (G,E)


  • BMF – Now belongs to Simpson Strong-Tie. Brackets, anchors, straps, nail plates, hangers,… (various)



  • Hilti – Anchoring and fastening systems and tools. (E)


  • SFS Intec – WT-wood screws, WS self-drilling structural dowels, wood-concrete shear connectors. Heerbrugg (G,E)
  • Blumer BSB – Thin-dowel high-load connection system. Waldstatt (G)
  • Purbond – Adhesives for engineered wood. Sempach-Station (G,E)
  • Türmerleim – Adhesives for wood. Basel (G)




  • Timber Systems – Heavy-timber connectors, glulam rivets. Toronto, ON (E)


  • Aaron’s Wood Screws – Various screw types. Aliso Viejo, CA (E)
  • Aubuchon Hardware – Hardware Retailer. (E)
  • Benchmark Fasteners Inc. – Various bolt types. Elk Grove Village, IL (E)
  • Bolts 4U – Fasteners and industrial supplies. San Marcos, CA (E)
  • Compression Pak – Log home assembly fasteners. Silver Lake, NH (E)
  • FastenMaster – Screws for engineered wood, trusses, log homes, decks, gutters etc. (E)
  • GRK Fasteners – Screw fasteners for concrete and masonry connections. (E)
  • Head Cote – Decking screws with colored heads. (E)
  • Hilti – Anchoring and fastening systems and tools. (E)
  • Home Depot – General construction supply retailer. (E)
  • OMG – Manufacturer of fasteners and construction accessories: adhesives, insulation. (E)
  • Simpson Strong-Tie – Brackets, anchors, straps, nail plates, hangers,… Anchoring systems. Dublin, CA (E)
  • Stanley Bostitch – Nails, staples, specialty fasteners. East Greenwich, RI (E)
  • Starborn Industries – Various construction fasteners. (E)
  • Swan Secure – Corrosion-resistant fastening products for decks, roofs, siding, etc. (E)
  • USP Structural Connectors – Connectors, anchoring systems. (E)
  • West System – Epoxy for wood projects. Bay City, MI (E)





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  • Michele

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  • You may want to have a look at the Assy Wood Screws manufactured by SWG a Wurth (German) company and distributed by Wurth Construction Specialties Supply in North America.