Most popular SketchUp plugins – 2010 Update

SketchUp Plugins

A member at the SketchUcation Forum recently asked SketchUp users for their three most popular plugins. While I am of course sad to see that non of mine made it into the list, this may serve as a timely update to an older post on my site. While we are waiting for a better plugin management in SketchUp, use this list as a basis to fill up the Plugins folder in your SketchUp installation.

By the way: Check out my book, “Architectural Design with SketchUp: 3D Modeling, Extensions, BIM, Rendering, Making, and Scripting.” In chapter 4, I have many tutorials that show how you can use these extensions/plugins.

This is the list of the most popular plugins (based on multiple mentions):

  • 1001bit Tools
  • BezierSpline
  • Curviloft
  • CutList
  • Extrusion Tools
  • FredoScale
  • Joint Push Pull
  • Mirror
  • Round Corner
  • Subdivide and smooth
  • Selection Toys
  • Tools On Surface
  • Weld

And here is the complete list of the top 82 (duplicates removed):

  • 1001bit Tools
  • 2D Tools
  • 3pt Rectangle
  • Add hidden layer
  • Arc Centerpoint Finder
  • Arc: center+2pts
  • Bezier Tools
  • BezierSpline
  • Center of Gravity
  • CleanUp
  • Cline
  • Colour Edge
  • Curve maker
  • Curve Select
  • Curviloft
  • Curvishear
  • CutList
  • Default Layer Gemometry
  • Default Scene
  • Delete Cons
  • Edge Styles
  • Edge Tools
  • Exploded arc centerpoint
  • Extrude along path
  • Extrude Lines
  • Extrude Tools
  • ExtrudeEdges Suite
  • Extrusion Tools
  • Fillet
  • Fredo PushPull
  • Fredo Scale
  • Frontface
  • Fur
  • Grow
  • House Builder
  • Joint Push Pull
  • JSAlign
  • Kerkythea Exporter
  • Layer Tools and Layer Manager
  • Make Faces
  • Mirror
  • Mirror Selection
  • Move to Orgin
  • Nudge
  • Options
  • Perp. face tools
  • Plan Tools
  • Podium
  • Points cloud v6
  • Profile Builder
  • Protrude
  • Purge All
  • Put on layer
  • QJSAlign & JSAlign
  • Random Painter
  • Remove Materials
  • Remove unused edges
  • Repaint and Cleanup
  • Repeat Copy
  • Round Corner
  • SceneExporter Pro
  • Subdivide and smooth
  • Select curve
  • Selection memory
  • Selection Toys
  • Shaderlight
  • Shape bender
  • SketchyFFD
  • SketchyPhysics
  • Skindigo
  • Solid inspector
  • Tangent tools
  • Thea Exporter
  • Tools On Surface
  • Tube along path
  • Unfold
  • UV Toolkit
  • Vertex tools
  • Weld
  • Work Plane
  • Zorro

So where can you get those? You could start by installing my Plugin Loader plugin and browse the relevant websites. Alternatively, you could just browse this list on SketchUcation or search the Ruby Library Depot.

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  • joel

    what is the CD STANDARD & CD TOOLSET and where do i find it?

  • alyn

    verry great..I like it,

  • Baldwin madriaga

    Thanks for sharing, I’m just new user of sketchup , and want to learn more of this software .

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  • BIM Addict

    also check out the SketchUpBIM plugin if you want to do REVIT-like parametric modeling inside SketchUp. It provides a comprehensive solution to create buildings and tools to create walls, columns, beams, slabs etc. inside SketchUp. nice work. free download is available at

  • Lucien

    How can I get my company’s plugin PhotoSketch listed here?  Available here
    Thank you!

  • Safribogel

    so coll / …alhamdulillah

  • nguyencuong3d

    thanks you

  • Hi folks, here i gathered some plugins

  • Designer19

    Why is it soo hard to find the plugin so you don't have to keep going from one site to the next. All plug -ins should be availabe.

    • alexschreyer

      Tell me about it. We really need a repository/database.

  • Thomas B

    Checkout these ruby scripts by Chuck Vali – Instant Roof and Instant Road @

    Google posted a review a few days ago:
    These are plugins that I will be use a lot! The roof plugin is a dream come true!

    • alexschreyer

      Great plugins! I\’ll check them out. It\’s also interesting that there aren\’t any energy analysis plugs in there. But then again, the data came only from one source and captured a limited audience.

      I hope a plugin repository would have statistics and rating so that we get a better idea about popularity.

  • Yes it is always good to let the large SU community know which tools give the most most
    interesting and useful benefits.

    Happy to see 1001bit pro tools top of list – we have just released 42 H.Q. training videos for our users and the world due to popular request.

    Would be great if Google brings out a plug-in manager in full SU free and PRO to the world.

    • alexschreyer

      Although the 1001bit tools are great, they appear on top of the list simply because of the sorting. Beyond having the \”shortlist\”, there is no ranking.

      • Oops – thanks for the update, i know it is a good trick to get numerics to the top of the list.

        What do you rate as your favourite script Alex

  • Hi Alex, thanks for this list (of most useful SketchUp plugins). Very useful! We're posting it to the sketchupireland blog.