FYI: Save some cash on SketchUp Pro

Get some money from the SketchUp folks. The method is a bit longwinded but it’s well worth the effort. Instead of producing a late-night infomercial for SketchUp Pro (Buy two copies, get a free pocket protector), we decided to go a simpler route: Helen put together a promo code that knocks $100 US off the […] Read more..

My semi-annual computer cleanup (a to-do list for everyone else)

Now that the semester is over and all the grades are in, it is time for me again to clean up my computer before I embark on new projects. It is simply amazing how much that machine get filled with stuff over time. Add to that the fact that my hard disk is always too […] Read more..

Running multiple sites on shared hosting (with some DNS and HTACCESS magic)

I recently had the need to set up several different websites in one (hosted, shared) webspace. While this by itself is trivial there was a catch: I had multiple domains that needed to be DNS forwarded (using CNAME) to this webspace. In essence, the functionality I needed was that once a user goes to one of […] Read more..

German Wood Awards 2009

The German wood awards have just been given to a variety of projects that include built objects – anything from highrises to garden sheds – and new products for wood construction. The first prize went to an amazing object: A seven story apartment building in Berlin whose structure consists of glulam columns and beams as […] Read more..

Ambient Occlusion Rendering in Revit

Here’s a method that I found recently on the buildz blog: Although it is not clear from the rendering dialog, it is easily possible to do a soft-shadowed ambient-occlusion rendering in Revit’s implementation of MentalRay. This is done by setting the time of the rendering to sometime during the night. After the rendering, just open […] Read more..

Newsy SketchUp

The Daily CatchUp The first news about SketchUp is news itself. To be more to the point, the folks at have just launched an interesting news portal. It is called The Daily CatchUp and it was created to bring frequently updated news to us SU users. So far, posts seem to follow the major topics […] Read more..