Tent time

It is commencement time, which in New England means “tent time”. These white structures appear everywhere these days where there’s a college. Although at least the larger ones are quite beautiful from the outside, they are usually rather ugly on the inside – until you switch to black-and-white…

And the German winners are…

It’s award season (or rather trade fair season, which usually brings along some awards). Following up on my posting of the link to the North American Wood Design Award winners, here is now the result of the German Wood Design Awards. Although everything on the web page of the Deutscher Holzbaupreis 2007 is in German, […] Read more..

Wood Design Awards Books Available Free

I like freebies. Here are two great ones for anyone interested in timber design. The 2002 and 2003 Wood Design Awards Books are now available as free PDF downloads from cwc.ca: Wood Design Awards Books Not to be too much of a freeloader, I’ll immediately order the just published 2006 edition. Promised!

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